A Different World


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Intro 00:05
Brown Eyez 04:17
Just BE 01:52
I see you everyday I'm not Alicia Keys but you don't know my name I see you there walking thru the corridor, you hand on the wall i was touching yours. Excuse me brotha i was passing by, two books from my locker, class starts in five, see you posted up fresh and fly, want to have a conversation but i'm too shy. Just my imagination running with me, music, arts or His-tory. Started back middle school 93 inter-school sports you were on my team. Even tho we lost, you won me that day something in your eyes lit up the way riding on the bus home nothing to say, butterflies had me tumbling All I ever want to do is be with you and breathe All i ever want to do is be with you and breathe is it a possibility that we can be in love, we can be in love?
Let Go 02:56
Mainifesto 04:37
Buggin out 02:33
It's  not  me  any  more...   i'm  a  new  person...not  like  before...   Think  i'm  gone  crazzzzy!     (v1)   Paint  my  nails   straight  my  hair   bleach  my  teeth...to  get  ahead   (Buggin  out/  Buggin  out/  Buggin  out)   Take  a  pill   quick  appeal   loosing  weight...loosing  shape   (Buggin  out/  Buggin  out/  Buggin  out)   everybody     (v2)   Breast  lift   Cut  n  snip   Botox  my  age  away...   (Buggin  out/  Buggin  out/  Buggin  out)   photoshop  anything  that  you  want...  Have  an  nice  day     (Hook)   (Verse  MC)   Excuse  me  miss-­‐  your  world-­‐  I  probably   never  exist,  but  i  insist-­‐  on  making  the  attempt-­‐i  take  risk-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐   -­‐mademoiselle-­‐-­‐your  spray  of  Chanel-­‐   doing-­‐112   -­‐down   the   English   channel-­‐or   when   you’re   working   out-­‐   pink   and   blue   dol-­‐ce-­‐flannel-­‐   even   heels   -­‐ walking  your  cocker-­‐spaniel-­‐   you’re  always  fly-­‐-­‐-­‐to  the  human  eye-­‐that's  what  your  use   to-­‐-­‐-­‐a  silver  spoon-­‐late  night  5  star  tel's-­‐the  full  moon-­‐   now   your   changing   your   tune-­‐what   you   mean-­‐you   don't   need  that-­‐-­‐-­‐ get  the  same  space  in  an  ac-­‐-­‐versus  the  may  Bach-­‐-­‐-­‐   how  could  you  say  that-­‐-­‐your  changing????  -­‐i  thought  change   was-­‐dimes  and  quarters-­‐tips  for  the  orders-­‐-­‐you  placed-­‐   or  the  pounds  when  you  shedding  your  weight-­‐   or  the  change-­‐moving  state  to  state-­‐   not  staying  in  one  place-­‐   i  understand  now-­‐  investigated  closed  the  case-­‐   find  yourself-­‐-­‐whatever  it  takes-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐young  girl...    
I feel 03:04
SHE 02:20
Son 03:31
A.D.W 02:41
Outro 04:11


MC Shawn Wills & Tamwah started this album as a tribute to one of the illest on the MPC, Charlie Ross. We didn't know we were going to make a full album but once we got started there was no stopping us.

Tragically & unexpectedly Shawn Wills died May 11th 2010 in Australia. This has become a tribute to Shawn Wills, a skilled lyricist, MC & artist. He was only 32yrs old when he crossed over.
This album is a legacy of his gift as an artist & humanity.

This album is yet to be mastered. If anyone out there can help me with this costly process i would be very grateful


released November 25, 2011

Charlie Ross beats


all rights reserved



TAMWAH Byron Bay, Australia

Tamwah is an indigenous Songwomban, beat-maker and a dreamweaver. Currently residing on Bungjalung country (Byron Bay). Sounding warm like a Tropical fusion of hip hop, reggae, samba & soul. Her vibrant, socially conscious music aspires to uplift, connect & empower her audience.
Powered by plants & a deep reverence for country. Earth comes first.
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